Fundraising Association

The Fundraising Committee is a vital part of the Christina Gordon School Community. The current executive and minutes can be found below. All are welcome to attend meetings. 

2022/23 Fundraising Association Executive

CGFA Roles and Responsibilities


President: Barbara Ann Rex

Vice-President: Charlotte Van Driesten

Treasurer: Angela Ryan

Secretary: Melanie Brown


Social Media Coordinator: Caitlin Bender

Volunteer Manager: Kelly Ann Nash

Hot Lunch Managers: Courtney White and Cagney Edwards


Members at Large

Kelly Braddock

Crystal Coffin

Samantha Neil

Theresa Mason

Chantel Duris

Jessica Kenney

Moustapha Messaoud

Michelle Piccoli

Jaime Tassie

Amanda Hawkins


The next meeting of the Fundraising Association takes place April 20th @ 8:00 pm. Contact Barbara Rex at for more information.

Christina Gordon Fundraising Association Facebook Page