Inclusion Committee Member Bios

Karla Power

Karla Power (Chairperson): I teach Music at Christina Gordon, but I am also a mother of 2 boys on the Autism Spectrum. I have always felt that our school does a great job of being Inclusive, but in 2019, I came up with the idea of an Inclusion Advisory Committee, where parents, teachers, educational assistants and administrators can come together to discuss how to make CG even better and more Inclusive! I am very proud of the projects we have worked on so far and pleased to give our vulnerable students and families a voice. Inclusion is my passion and I am happy to share my lens in order to benefit ALL of our students.


Kim Lemay

Kim Lemay (Vice Chairperson): I am and EA at Christina Gordon school and love learning daily on how to be more inclusive in everything. I wanted to learn and support this inclusion committee and feel honoured to be the vice chairperson! I have a little girl who is globally delayed and non-verbal, so being part of a school and committee that is learning daily on how to be inclusive to everyone tugs at my heart in many ways.

Jessica Kenney

Jessica Kenney (Secretary): Greetings! I am the current Secretary of the Christina Gordon Inclusion Committee and a Mom to a 7-year-old autistic son. I joined the committee not only to be a voice for my non-verbal son, but to understand and support the staff who work with students with exceptional needs.  I feel very honored to be a part of and a contributor to, the accomplishments of this committee in our community.


Gillian Holloway

Gillian Holloway: Hi all! I’ve been a member of the Christina Gordon Inclusion Advisory Committee since its inaugural year. I joined as a parent of three daughters with exceptionalities, looking to have a voice within their school on issues that affect them directly - an opportunity to advocate. Over the years, the committee and its purpose have evolved to become even more meaningful  as we collaborate to bring exciting, elaborate ideas and projects to life. Our children are reaping the benefits of a more thoughtful, compassionate, truly inclusive school  community and neighbourhood - one I’m very proud to be a part of. 


Sandra Gomez

Sandra Gomez: Hi everyone, I’m  happy to be part of the Inclusion Advisory Committee. I am a student EA and a parent of a 9 year old boy on the Autism Spectrum. Creating a fun and safe environment for every child has been a passion of mine ever since I became a mom. I joined this team because I want to help every child to feel happy, accepted and capable in society.

Cagney Edwards


Cagney Edwards: Hello! My name is Cagney and my son was diagnosed on the spectrum six years ago. I am also, school council chair and try to lend a hand when I can. I joined the inclusion committee to make a difference for our children and to educate on behalf of my child to make the world more understanding. 

Andrea MacPherson

Andrea MacPherson: Hi! I am Andrea MacPherson and I have been a member of the Inclusion Advisory Committee for a few years now. I am passionate about this committee because as an Educational Assistant for 8 years I worked very closely with students that have exceptional needs. I am a firm believer in “you don’t know what you don’t know” so I passionately spread awareness through projects and events. I am now a grade 1 teacher at Christina Gordon and continuing to donate my time to this initiative. I truly believe that we can make the world a better place by working together.

Crystal Roberts

Crystal Roberts: Hi, my name is Crystal Roberts and I am thrilled to be a member of the Inclusion Committee for the first time! I decided to join this committee because I see the value in connecting and brainstorming with others who have a shared vision to build a more inclusive community in school. As a teacher, it is my hope that we continue to learn and to find new ways to reach the wide range of needs in schools today. As a parent of a child with extra challenges, it is also comforting to have this safe place to learn and to share ideas, concerns and celebrations.

Jenna Locke

Jenna Locke: Hi! My name is Jenna Locke. This is my first year on the inclusion advisory committee! I have been involved in the world of diversity and inclusion in the community for the last 6 years! I believe that you can never be too educated in all things inclusion so I wanted to still be involved after finishing my education degree in May! I am a first year teacher at Christina Gordon Public School and am so thankful to be surrounded by like minded people! 

Marcie Falloon

Marcie Falloon: Hi, my name is Marcie Falloon and I have been a part of the Inclusion Advisory Committee since it started. I was an EA at Christina Gordon for 6 years. In this role I worked closely with children with exceptional needs. I believe that there is always room for improvement and with this committee we are committed to making Christina Gordon a place where all children feel comfortable and welcome. I am also passionate about educating families about the amazing resources that our community has to offer. 


Cara Payne

Cara Payne: Hello there,I am Cara Payne, a learning assistance coach at Christina Gordon School. With a deep passion for inclusive practice and pedagogy, I have been an instrumental member of the Inclusion Advisory Council since its inception. I strongly believe in the power of education for both families and school staff to foster a collective understanding of inclusion. Through this understanding, we can dispel common misconceptions surrounding inclusive practice and pedagogy. As an educator, I am committed to continual growth and learning. Currently, I am pursuing my Doctor of Education degree at the University of Calgary, specializing in inclusive teaching practices in Alberta. 

My personal connection to the Inclusion Advisory Council and inclusive education is profound. As the mother of a 16-year-old girl with complex medical needs, I have witnessed firsthand the benefits of inclusive education. It is through my advocacy for my own daughter that I have experienced the transformative impact of inclusive practices.I am dedicated to championing inclusive education for all and sharing my passion with others. Together, we can create a more inclusive and nurturing society that values the natural diversity of our beautiful community.