School Council

School councils are structured groups of parents, principals, teachers, secondary students, and community representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning. They provide a method for members of the school community to consult with and offer advice to the principal and the school board. (Please note – this does NOT refer to groups that are registered with Alberta Corporate Registries as associations, councils or societies - incorporated under the Societies Act, eg. Fundraising Associations) 

Parents play a vital role in student success and can participate in decisions that impact student learning through school council. By contributing knowledge, perspective and ideas at school council, parents are actively contributing to school community and school district success.

The Government of Alberta recognizes the value of parents and the community in the education of children, and by law requires school councils in every school operated by a school board in Alberta.

Established school councils:

  • focus on what is best for all students in the school
  • consider the interests of all school stakeholders
  • develop, maintain and reflect the culture of the school 
  • represent the parent voice in the school community 

All parents/guardians of students attending Christina Gordon are full voting members of the School Council and are encouraged to attend meetings.

The 2023/24 School Council Executive is:

Chair: Cagney Edwards 

Vice Chair: vacant

Secretary: Charlotte Van Driesten

Fundraising Association Rep: Barbara Ann Rex

Inclusive Subcommittee Rep: Karla Power

Teacher Rep: Tanya Drover


AGM September 21, 2023 - Agenda

AGM October 17, 2023 - Agenda - Minutes

Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Christina Gordon Inclusion Advisory Committee was created in 2019 and is a sub-committee under the Christina Gordon School Council.

The Inclusion Advisory Committee is composed of Teachers, Educational Assistants, Administrators and Parents.  They meet monthly to discuss how to make Christina Gordon School even better and more inclusive. 

Our Mission Statement is "Leading the way by creating positive school experiences for children of all abilities."


Our committee members for the 2022/2023 are: 

Karla Power (Chairperson)

Kim Lemay (Vice Chairperson)

Jessica Kenney (Secretary)

Gillian Holloway

Sandra Gomez

Cagney Edwards

Marcie Falloon

Andrea MacPherson

Cara Payne

James Sedgwick 

Kali MacDonald

Mary-Lynne Luco

We invite all staff and parents who are interested in joining the Inclusion Advisory Committee for the 2023/2024 school year to reach out to our Chairperson Karla Power at


Minutes 2022/23

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November 2022

January 2023

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April 2023

May 2023


Minutes 2021/22

October 2021 Inclusion Meeting Minutes

January 2022 Inclusion Meeting Minutes

February 2022 Inclusion Meeting Minutes

March 2022 Inclusion Meeting Minutes

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May 2022 Inclusion Meeting Minutes

The next Inclusion Advisory Committee meeting will take place in the Fall of 2023. Contact Chair Karla Power for more information.