Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education Programs

At CG we have highly-trained and experienced staff to look after our students with exceptionalities.  Our school is equipped with wheelchair ramps for accessibility, as well as a handicap washroom. We also offer several specialized programs to accommodate a wide range of needs:

Triple I and PUF programs:

Program Unit Funding is available for students identified with speech, gross motor and fine motor challenges in Early Childhood Education. Student progress is closely monitored through an Individualised Program Plan and supported by staff members and specialists. Students involved in the PUF program are fully included within the classroom.

Sensory Rooms

Students who require sensory breaks throughout the day are supported within the Sensory Room. The Sensory Room includes calming visual, physical and tactile activities. 

At WGH we have a total of 4 sensory rooms / alternative play spaces.  These rooms are furnished with items to help students regulate their emotions and provide movement to center their energy.  Some of these items include:

  • swings
  • trampolines
  • spinning chairs, rocking chairs, bean bag chairs
  • other alternative seating
  • "dark" room with low-light
  • bubble tube
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • soft music
  • weighted blankets
  • tactile objects such as stress balls, feathers
  • manipulative objects and fidgets

We acknowledge that students have multiple sensory needs and therefore we also provide classroom-based activities and items that aid in regulation; such as noise-cancelling headphones, sensory bins, calming kits, etc.

Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Christina Gordon Inclusion Advisory Committee was created in 2019 and is a sub-committee under the Christina Gordon School Council.

The Inclusion Advisory Committee is composed of Teachers, Educational Assistants, Administrators and Parents.  They meet monthly to discuss how to make Christina Gordon School even better and more inclusive. 

Our Mission Statement is "Leading the way by creating positive school experiences for children of all abilities."


Our committee members for the 2022/2023 are: 

Karla Power (Chairperson)

Kim Lemay (Vice Chairperson)

Jessica Kenney (Secretary)

Gillian Holloway

Sandra Gomez

Cagney Edwards

Marcie Falloon

Andrea MacPherson

Cara Payne

James Sedgwick 

Kali MacDonald

Mary-Lynne Luco

We invite all staff and parents who are interested in joining the Inclusion Advisory Committee for the 2023/2024 school year to reach out to our Chairperson Karla Power at