Revised opening date of school building for students

Dear Parent,
lease accept my sincere thanks for the patience you have shown as we have endured delay after delay with regards to the opening date of our new school.  These delays have been as frustrating for us at the school as they have been for you.  I realize that many of you are wondering when we will actually be moving.

Based on meetings that were held with the full team involved with the construction project, it has been confirmed that the district will have access to the school by late May or early June.  At that time it is our plan to have someone in the school to take registrations and to allow staff to get into the building to begin setting up their classes.

We are hoping that it will be possible to do tours of the school for current and prospective parents and students at that time.

After discussions with our superintendent, Doug Nicholls, it has been decided that while the building should be available to the district in June, it is in the best interests of the students and staff to have them start at the new Christina Gordon School on September 5 of 2017, the first day of school for the next school year.

While this is disappointing to the Christian Gordon community who were counting on being in the new facility much sooner, this will allow us to ensure that the school and its classrooms are fully set with minimal impact on the students and staff.  The September 2017 start will also remove the disruption and stresses that moving in June may cause for students, staff and even parents who may have to seek alternate arrangements for getting their children to school at a different location.

With regards to the transportation issue, Doug Nicholls, Superintendent, has confirmed that busing fees for your children will be waived for the remainder of this school year.  

We expected the time line to be much different than what has occurred. But we are looking forward with great anticipation for official access to the school and to September when students arrive in the new building.

Thank you for all the support you have given the staff and for the confidence you have placed in us.  Even in our temporary location, our programs are running effectively and our students are thriving.

Please feel free to contact me if further information is required.

​Sincere regards,

Rick Thorne​